Coating powder/release powder for walls

Επικαλυπτική σκόνη - σκόνη απεμπλοκής - τοίχου

Description of the product:
The product consists of a special means of disengagement,creating a layer of humidity,between the mould and the liquid concrete. It’s a drp material which is directly applied over the hardening color before it is completed. It contains pigments except from the transparent which doesn’t leave any trace. It is suitable to be used only in concrete.
The whole area around must be completed by the pollution of the dust which is created by dispersion.
Preparation of the concrete coating
It is the last step before the readiness of the concrete and it has to be applied over the hardening color only after the mixture is completed.
Procedure of dispersion
Before the mixture pour the half mixture into a dry container and air ti material in order to be decompressed before you spread it on the surface.spread ip evenly over the surface by using the dispersion method.
You must be very careful when it’s windy.use a mask to avoid inhaling the powder. To spread it evenly you must apply twice.
The coloured or the transparent material of disengagement must be used over a smooth coloured liquid concrete because it creates a necessary “barrier” preventing the sunctio from a finished product as a result it reduces the need of retouching.By using the coloured means of disengagement we acquire a look of inveteracy.there are different combinations of colors,giving the impression of two color shades and pointing out the light coloured parts.The dark color spreads over the hardening color entering into the alcoves of the gaps which are filled with liquid concrete as well as into the deeper layers.
By washing with water in high pressure after the concrete has dried you can remove the extra coloured means of disengagement.Don’t wash all of it by washing the filled gaps and the deeper alcoves with quicker movements than those you make for the lighter parts the darker color of the disengagement will remain.
Coating of one square meter:
0,125/0,150kg are almost enough according to the conditions and the wind blowing.
Colors /package:
SUN GRAY,DARK GRAY,SUN BROWN,DARK. BROWN.The product is provided in. bags of 10kgs.
Safety precautions:
Ask for the safety data documents of TEMNONaccording to 2001/58/ΕΚ.