TEMNON Company

TEMNON is a top constructive and trading company of concrete and precast elements of concrete. It was founded in 1979 in Serres, using the brand name “Tsimentotechniki” and dealing with constructing, trading concrete and precast elements of concrete.

It is located in the 10th km of Serres/Thessaloniki and it is housed in its proprietary facilities. Through all these years a great number of public and private structures have been constructed by our company all over the country. Taking into consideration the continual changes in the technical and constructive industry, considering new techniques and styles, the company been applying in Greece the technique of stamped floor as well as the rest of its activities since 1992. The company has completely changed its activities.

It has created a modern unit of mortar and formwork production, concerning the stamped floors and stamped walls and industrial floors. Also the construction of decorative floors is introduced in North Greece. The brand name of the company has changed into TEMNON since 2001.A net of representatives and cooperatives is organized all over the country Owing to the great demand for its products a great number of technicians has been trained to ensure the best application results of the materials.

Branches are founded in Thessaloniki in 2004 and in Athens in 2006,to support the fast pace of development and the great number of constructions executed in the country. meanwhile the products are exported to Europe, Asia and the Balkan States.

By ensuring the quality of its products “TEMNON” company is awarded with the Certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000in2007.