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Stamped Concrete Floor

It is a convenient, quick and inexpensive construction, which is made from reinforced concrete to decorate highly artistic floors. It may be used in a variety of spaces interior or exterior.It is very easy to use and it isn’t required special preservation. It can simulate many forms of surfaces such as shale, stone, fitted boards, always be resistant as cement surfaces are. it can integrate underfloor heating systems in order to offer a warm and cosy atmosphere inside any building.

Stamped Concrete Walls

It is a fully artificial system used to cover vertical and horizontal surfaces. it is made of high quality sand, cement and multilateral chemicals as a result it offers unique qualities in any vertical surface. It may be used to create surfaces simulate d that of natural stone ,shale, brick or even wood. It is ideal for walls, columns, window frames as well as coves surrounded by other materials.

Smooth Mortar Concrete

It is a dreamt material connected to creativity, beauty, multifunction, solidarity. Its traditional form is usually found on the Greek islands in functional and decorative constructions. Its modern version is an industrialized concrete mortar of high fidelity covering great demands of beauty and function related to the composition of surfaces interior or exterior, professional or private.

Industrial Floors

Industrial floors are used in factories, warehouses, workshops, industrial facilities. They are complicated structures which consist of multiple layers made of concrete and special materials of overlay such as fibrous or multilateral or epoxy resin. Industrialized floors is a technology of constructing floors, existing for decades, for more than 40 years the products used ensuring the sealing, the hardness and the density of the industrialized floor has been been potassium, magnesium and sodium.