Color Hardener

Σκληρυντικά χρώματα

COLOR HARDENER is a ready-to-use colored surface hardener for coloring and hardening concrete floors. It is applied as a dry shake over freshly leveled and floated concrete in medium to heavy duty industrial, commercial and residential areas.
Color hardener is comprised of a pretested cement, hard, wear resistant specially-graded silica quartz aggregate, finely ground alkali-fast and light-fast inorganic coloring pigments and other proprietary components which improve the properties of the finished concrete surface. COLOR HARDENER builds in color and durability and eliminates the surface.
The surrounding areas and structures should be protected as much as possible from contamination from toss on Color.
 Never use Calcium Chloride in concrete which is to be colored with color hardener. All subsurfaces must be prepared in order to be consistant with all good concrete pouring practices and local laws.
 Before tossing color onto the prepared surfaces, empty half of the contents of a pail into a clean, dry container and aerate color before spreading on surface. Apply evenly over area using a casting type motion. Caution must be used when spreading color more than 3,5 kg/m2 or under windy conditions. Dust masks must be worn by all personnel. When toss on Color is being applied due to the fact that the product contains Portland Cement, there should be a minimal amount of bleed water on the surface of the concrete before applying the Color. Excessive troweling may cause color to darken. Two applications are normally required for uniform coverage. The first application contain 75% of the color to be applied. Normal concrete finishing practices should be used to seat the color. The second application of the remaining 25% must be toss on Color opposite direction of the first application and will complete the coloring process.
* More uniform and more intensely color surfaces.
* High density, easy to clean surface, resistant to grease and oil penetration etc.
* Floor surface with increased strength and improved wear resistance.
* Durable surface more resistant to weathering, freezing and thawing and scaling from de-icing salts.
* Light-fast, alkali-fast colored concrete floors.
* Coloring and hardening concrete floors subject to medium to heavy-duty use.
* Areas where attractive, more uniform color is desired to enhance the appearance of the floor or flatwork.
* Shopping centers, motels, garages, schools, cafeterias, parking garages, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and residences.
* Increased resistance to scaling due to exposure to de-icing salts and freeze-thaw cycles.
* Use indoors and outdoors.

* Not recommended where extremely heavy-duty use such as steel wheel traffic is anticipated.
* Use in areas exposed to acids and their salts.
COVERAGE PER SQUARE METER: Medium duty use 3,00 kg per m2 for darker colours and for  light colours may also need additional amounts 3,50 kg per m2 is adequate under normal conditions.
COLORS – PACKAGING: COLOR HARDENER is available in 18 attractive standard colors you can choose from color-list. Apricot, Athitos, Adobe Buff, Karistos, Sun Buff, Peach, Harvest Sand, Golden Sand, Antique White, Tile Red, Terra Cotta, Brick Red, Coral, Pewter, Gray, Sun Gray, Foam Green, Slate. Inosculation colors promo table after order that exceeding the 1.250 kg. Packaging in bags of 25 kg.
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Ask for TEMNON’s data safety cards by 2001/58/E.K.