Clear Seal A


CLEAR SEAL A is a solvent based thermoplastic acrylic resin designed to provide a penetrating seal coat over concrete surfaces. CLEAR SEAL upon penetrating, seals out any foreign substance, such as grease, oil, moisture, etc. Clear seal possesses water clear transparency with excellent resistance to discoloration through exposure to dulling ultra-violet light. CLEAR SEAL has excellent durability to abrasion, such as scuffing and marring.
Surface must be clean and completely free of moisture before applying. Do not dilute. Apply directly to surface with tank sprayer, paint roller or wax applicator. A short to medium nap roller (Phenolic core) should be used to apply. Saturate roller completely upon application and use long continuous movements to insure an even seal coat. Apply as thin as possible. One coat is usually sufficient. Apply to concrete that has cured for 5 weeks. Note that 2 to 3 hours drying time should be allowed before traffic is resumed.
Coverage per m2 is 250 kg.
PACKAGING:The product is available in barrels of 180 kg.
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS:Ask for TEMNON’s data safety cards by 2001/58/E.C.