Smooth mortar concrete

It is a dreamt material connected to creativity, beauty, multifunction, solidarity. Its traditional form is usually found on the Greek islands in functional and decorative constructions. Its modern version is an industrialized concrete mortar of high fidelity covering great demands of beauty and function related to the composition of surfaces interior or exterior, professional or private.

It us used in interior or exterior spaces, floors walls or multiform structures and decorative items are padded. Specialized construction demands for high flexibility surface, hardness and resistance to time and use, l uster of the final surface e.t.c. have contributed to important alterations of the material leading to the creation of more than one forms.

Smooth concrete mortars have won an important place in the market during the last years mainly due to the consciousness of the craftsmen fitting them as well as the owner s of the private and professional spaces who have chosen them as an appealing, resistant and credible material of surface overlay. A material of technical adequacy, resistance in time use and of unique beauty and excellence.

Πατητή τσιμεντοκονία